10 Pets That Cannot Stay Without Their Owners

“It would be just great if you’d stop taking a shower and feed me.”

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10 Pieces Of Evidence Proving That Cats Are Great Friends

They can always pretend to be a bunny when the situation demands it

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10 Pics Of Dogs Caught Doing Weird Things

When you got a new puppy, the other two have been fighting to get attention

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Rare Cat Facts You’ll Be Surprised To Find Out

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These Pictures Show The Evolution Of Dogs

What a difference six months make

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How To Keep A Correct Communication Between Cats And Dogs

First acquaintance The first meeting of two animals is a very important thing. If on this stage a mistake occurred it will be very hard to...

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How Do Dogs Express Their Loyalty?

Dogs are notable for such a legendary loyalty that it’s often held up as an example and calls forth admiration by touching incidents of...

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It Is Possible For Dogs To Dream?

According to MIT News, Matthew Wilson, a professor of neuroscience at MIT, and Kenway Louie, a graduate student in 2001, have studied the...

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Could Cats Sweat Too?

Do cats sweat like people or like dogs? Well, technically, yes cats do sweat — but barely and only through key areas. Cat’s sweat...

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Top 13 Affectionate Dog Breeds That Will Love You To The Moon And Back

The Shelter Mutt

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