These Cats’ Faces Say It All About Selfies

This cat is not in the mood for a selfie

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10 Of The Healthiest Human Foods For Your Dog

Peanut Butter As long as it’s unsalted, peanut butter can really do wonders for your pup – not to mention that he’ll love the...

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This Dog Photoshopped Into Movie Posters Is Amazing

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This Is What Happens When Zookeepers Are Bored

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10 Celebrities And Their Amazing Cats

David Bowie

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These Steps Will Help You Entertain Your Dog During Hot Weather

One of the simplest solutions for keeping your pooch cool is to avoid the heat entirely. This can mean changing your routine, which is...

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Find Out If Your Cat Can Actually Fart

Cats have all of the anatomical parts necessary to shoot noxious tail-end fumes out into the universe. So if you’ve ever been...

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Discover How Your Turtle Pet Should Be Fed

The basic rule is that the juvenile turtles are carnivores (they eat meat) and the adults are omnivores (they eat meat and veggies). A...

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Here’s How To Feed Your Frog Pet

Fresh, clean water needs to be available at all times. The same places that sell terrarium supplies carry an assortment of perfect water...

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The Real Reason Why Your Cat Can’t Eat Sometimes

Hopefully you have already visited your vet to get assistance with the medical reasons for not wanting to eat (mouth pain, nausea, viruses...

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