Why Is The UK Filled With Yellow Birds?

Plumage coloration is shaped by a suite of factors including sexual selection, predation risk and diet. Bright colours, such as yellows,...

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The Mystery Behind Dippers’ Life And Mating

Looking into the maelstrom of an upland stream, our eyes go white-water rafting over the rapids and our ears are overwhelmed by a roaring,...

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Why Should It Matter To All Of Us To Hear Birdsongs?

When I was a teenager, I was fortunate to learn the songs and calls of many of our British birds, as I was asked to take on the Common...

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These Siskins’ Strategies Dominate Bird Feeders

Siskins have cashed in on our love of putting food out for the birds as much as any other species, and now are frequently seen at garden...

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Those Summer Migrant Ducks Come Back In Good Shape

Our only summer migrant ducks, garganeys arrive this month in twos, having paired up on wintering grounds in sub-Saharan Africa. Sightings...

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Discover The Amazing Flight Techniques Of Sparrowhawks

These stealthy hunters usually keep a low profile, sticking close to cover as they stalk their feathered prey. But in early spring...

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These Pics Prove That Corvids Are Badass

Crow riding on the back of a bald eagle

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These Are The Largest Living Birds Worldwide

 Wandering Albatross

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These Exotic Birds Are Totally Gorgeous

The Rainbow Lorikeet

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What Makes Grey Shrikes Impale Their Prey?

Great grey shrikes are known for their habit of impaling prey items on thorn bushes or wedging them into narrow forks. This behaviour is...

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