The Beaked Bullet Train

When Japan developed the incredible Shinkansen Bullet Train, it was admired around the world. Since its maiden journey in 1964, it now...

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Hummingbird Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

Due to the reduced number of trees in the western US, nests are increasingly being found on artificial structures. As the landscape,...

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The Fascinating Lives Of The Smallest Birds Worldwide

Laying eggs The female lays one egg, has a day to rest, then lays another. She will only ever lay a maximum of three eggs in one nest. At...

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Here’s What Lies In An Aerial Acrobat’s Nest

The ruby-throated hummingbird is one of nature’s most skilled fliers. This tiny creature is one of the only birds able to fly backwards....

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Cuba’s Native Hummingbird

The bee hummingbird is a living example of the phrase ‘small but perfectly formed”. These tiny creatures are the smallest birds in the...

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The Body Language Of Owls

The owl swoops majestically over its territory, nothing escaping its beady gaze: owls, like the great grey owl, feel most at home soaring...

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Meet the Family Cranes

There are only 15 species of crane worldwide. These large, charismatic birds mate for life, dance for joy, and sing in unison.

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