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Top 10 Most Popular Pets In The U.S.

10. Ferrets Ferrets have qualities of both cats and dogs (although there are big differences too) which is why they are becoming popular....

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10 Surprisingly Bad Dog Behaviors

Anxiety Most dogs become anxious during the early stages of their life when they may not have been properly socialized with other animals...

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7 Of The Most Beautiful Cat Facts You Should Know

1. They Are More Commited Than You Think A cat is not going to stop hanging out with you for the new boy that they are seeing, or get mad...

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15 Pics That Will Make You Love Dogs Even More

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Shane Montie, left, helps one of his dogs board an airboat driven by volunteers Erik Davis, right, and JV Bagley, not pictured, of Carthage, Texas as they evacuate rising waters from Tropical Storm Harvey on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017, in Lumberton, Texas. (Ashley Landis/The Dallas Morning News via AP)

A Heartbreaking Look At Animals Threatened By Hurricanes

These beautiful pups were left behind by their owners after Hurricane Harvey past. Now, they are doing their best to survive on their own.

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10 Of The Best Pets For Allergy Sufferers

Portuguese Water Dog as the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America points out, “People with pet allergies have supersensitive immune...

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10 Surprising Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

Using Words More Than Body Language While our pups can understand a few basic words (sit, walk, toy), they don’t really get what we...

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10 Of The Best Dog Breeds For Families

10. Bull Dog The Bull Dog has a sturdy build that is perfect for kids who like to roughhouse. However, he won’t win any awards for...

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5 Amazing Training Techniques For Your Cat

Come On Command Start by making a distinct noise before feeding—before you open a bag or can—like vocally call your cat, or click your...

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The Incredible Change Of Dog Breeds In The Last 100 Years

English Bulldogs Although the English Bulldog was already massive-looking, nowadays its chest is even wider while the legs are shorter....

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